Practical Home Cooking Professional Instruction in your Own Kitchen
basic package:$200/3 - Hour Session:: $50 Each Additional Hour. A simple two-course meal [appetizer and entree]. Includes a kitchen evaluation, safety/sanitation tips, and instruction in basic knife skills.
Intermediate Package: $300/4 - Hours Session:: $50 Each Additional Hour. Basick Package plus knife sharpening and maintanance. A three-course meal [appetizer, fish course, and meat course].
Design Your Own Package. $200/3 - Hour Session :: $50 Each Additional Hour. This package can be customized according to the following: type of cuisine [Mexican, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean]. Specific recipes or dishes. Hors d'oeuvres. Simple and quick dishes. Breakfast [various egg preparations (omelette, pached), pancakes, potato pancakes, home fries]. Lunch [soups, salads, sandwiches]. Meat preparations [roasting, braising]. Fish/seafood perparations [pan roasting, poaching, steaming].
Multiday Package: Comprehensive Basics. $700 :: Four (4) Days :: 3 - Hour Session Per Day. Kitchen evaluation, knife skills/sharpening/maintenance. Safey/sanitation. Sauces/dressings. Fish. Meat. Soups/salads. Sides
Fees listed above are for consultations and instruction only. They do not include the cost of food or equipment. Payment is due and payable the day of the lesson. We request a 48 hour notice of cancellation.
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